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The worst way to start your day is with a broken shower. Whether its low pressure, cold water, or a blocked and overflowing basin; Absolut Plumbing's team of shower repair specialists will have your shower up and running in no time

Shower repair specialists

A few types of shower our specialists repair

A broken shower isn't always simple to resolve. A leaking shower head can be caused by a variety of problems, from limescale build-up to a faulty pump. If you try to repair it yourself you risk making the problem much worse.
That’s why you should call the shower repair specialists at Absolut Plumbing.

Thermostatic showers

A very popular type of mixer shower which features a thermostatic valve that maintains a constant water temperature.  Typical problems include leaking shower heads and fluctuating water temperatures.

Mixer showers

Standard mixer showers combine hot and cold water after the temperature has been manually adjusted. Most frequent problems are due to debris build-up. These include; dripping or leaking shower heads, and hard to turn taps.

Electric showers

Electric showers heat the water by means of a built-in water heater. Typical issues for this type of shower include TCO problems , overheating , electrical faults, and leaks.

Power showers

It may look like an Electric shower but Power showers run with a pump instead of a heater. It is a good option if you have inconsistent pressure. Most faults are related to the pump and are due to trapped air or mechanical failure.

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I had a few jobs needing done. The plumber was great. He was prompt, polite and very efficient. Although they didn’t seem like big malfunctions, they were enough to make life difficult. Everything is working as it should now and I am very pleased. The new sealant in the shower is looking fantastic. Thank you.

I would definitely recommend this company and they will be my first go-to if there are problems in the future.

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